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Together Alone

LUCA AND ANDREA PRODAN were brothers, half Italian half Scottish. They spent most of their childhood in different boarding schools in England.  Andrea became an actor in Italy, Luca became Argentina’s biggest rock star till he died of an overdose in 1987.

Luca was a revolution in Argentinean music and his memory is still being honoured by thousands of devoted fans. He is the Argentinean Jim Morrison.  To Andrea, Luca’s seven years younger brother, the loss of his brother was unbearable.  On the advise of his psychiatrist, Andrea went to Argentina to try to come to terms with his brother’s death.

Andrea is still living in Argentina, struggling to free himself from his famous brother. He has become a father from two different marriages and has got himself a name as singer and radio-DJ. At one point he even sang in what remained of Luca’s band, SUMO.

Andrea’s friend from his young years in Rome, the Danish film director, arrives in Buenos Aires. He wants to research the possibilities of making a documentary film about Andrea’s famous older brother.

Andrea thinks that he now is able to handle the loss in a way that will allow him to take part in Jannik’s project.

The plan is, that Jannik joins Andrea on a radio bus trip through Argentina where Andrea is supposed to dig out and interview new musical talent for his radio show. This will give Jannik the perfect opportunity of visiting the places and people that had decisive influence on Luca’s life - and certainly his death.  However it turns out that getting closer to Luca is far from being an easy or unproblematic task. For both Andrea and Jannik. Both Prodan-brothers fled from troublesome situations in London and Rome respectively to find  themselves in diverse but equally troublesome  situations in their new country.

The bottom line is that you can not escape your past.  In any given moment you may be forced to stop and confront the state of your life (the conditions you live with). This is a fact that also the director must face during the making of the film.

TOGETHER ALONE is a film on identity, and on where life takes, and how you cope with all that life can throw at you.