Production Facts
  • Director: Even Benestad
  • Featuring: Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad, Elsa Almås, Elisabeth Skaflem Benestad, Even Benestad & Liv
  • Camera: Steffan Strandberg, Even Benestad & Bjørn Eivind Aarskog
  • Producer: Bjørn Eivind Aarskog & Ola K. Hunnes
  • Music: Kaada
  • Language: Norwegian
  • Format: 35mm 1:1,66
  • Sound format: Dolby Digital surround
  • Duration: 1hour 17minutes
  • Production year: 2002

77 min documentary
By: Even Benestad
Premiere: feb. 21st 2002
Produced by Exposed
Co-produced by Zentropa real


“All about my father” is a personal documentary about a well respected medical doctor and transvestite in a small christian town in norway, directed by the one person most likely to convey his story with warmth, humor and irony: his son. Armed with a small video camera and the family’s super 8mm films, he sat out to make a personal portrait of his transvestite father.
Contrary to my father’s idea that this film would promote him as a colourful and different person who uses all his time and effort to combat the conservative bureaucracy, I made a deeply personal portrait of him where his transvestitism and strong self-realization forms the basis of the film.

- FIPRESCI, int. film critic's award, Gothenburg film festival -02.
- SECOND PRIZE, for best doc, Valladolid int. film festival -02.
- NORDIC COUNCIL'S FILM PRIZE, nominated for best feature -02.
- EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY AWARD, nominated for best doc. -02.
- THE DOC. AWARD, best doc, the norwegian short film festival -02.
- AMANDA AWARD, best feature film, the norwegian Int. film festival -02
- AUDIENCE AWARD, festival of festivals, Århus –02.
- TEDDYfor best doc, Berlin Int. film festival -02.
- SPECIAL DOC. PRIZE, int. doc. film festival Munich -02.
- GOLDEN AWARD, for best int. doc, hotdocs, Toronto -02.
- HONORABLE MENTION, the church of sweden –02.
- FILM CRITIC'S AWARD, for best feature film, Oslo -03.
- GULLRUTEN, best tv documentary, Bergen - 04

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