Production Facts
  • Director: Monica Csango
  • Featuring: Csango family
  • Camera: Bjørn Eivind Aarskog
  • Producer: Ola K. Hunnes & Bjørn Eivind Aarskog
  • Music: Stein Berge Svendsen
  • Language: Hungarian, English, Norwegian
  • Format: 16:9
  • Sound format: Dolby Digital surround
  • Duration: 50 - 58 minutes
  • Production year: 2004
  • Editor: Trond Winterkjær

52 min documentary
By: Monica Csango
produced by Exposed Films
Co-Producer TV2


A grandmother’s everlasting love for her husband, who apparently died during WWII, turns into a mysterious love story. Her grandchild discovers a photograph from Bombay, and suspects he didn’t die.

It becomes an emotional and disturbing journey towards the truth, with its rare, vivid and romantic pre-WWII film footage. But when should the truth stay secret?

NATIONAL FILM AWARD, best doc. -05.
IDFA selected. -05.