Production Facts
  • Director: Are Syvertsen & Jon Martin Førland
  • Feature: Joachim Calmeyer, Gerdi Schjelderup, Isar Alexander Gallab, Nina Bendiksen, Marit Andreassen, Helge Hansen, Erik Zadig ,Øivind Egeland, Harry Solbjørg, Jarle Meløy
  • Producer: Bjørn Eivind Aarskog
  • Music: Jørgen Malo
  • Language: Norwegian
  • Format: 16mm
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Production year: 2008


30 min Short Drama
By: Solveig Melkeraaen
Produced by Exposed Films

Gregor and Agathe are living happily together in their own little world. Gregor perceives the world through a stuffed raven and an old radio. He has even begun to make food. The two of them are having a good time reading commercial ads in newspapers, and are celebrating their wedding anniversary in June even though it is in September. Maybe Gregor is right when he says that there is a time for everything?